Unlike the countless cookbooks out there, the Zack Strength Meal Book does not just give you recipes; it offers a path to inspiration. The book is classified as a “meal book,” not a “cookbook,” because its primary purpose is to inspire you to create simple and nutritious meals.

The approach this book takes is centered around simplicity. Each page is designed with a clear picture and a straightforward list of ingredients – everything you need to recreate the delicious meals you see.

You are empowered with endless adaptability as you can make the meals as shown, but are encouraged to make modifications as you see fit, such as swapping seasonings, reducing or adding butter, or adding or subtracting ingredients as you please.

In this book you will find 76 keto meals, 19 lean meals (low-carb, low-fat), 5 carb up meals (high-carb, low-fat), and 3 delectable desserts, as well as a list of quality fats to cook with.

Format: PDF