In a world with overwhelming amounts of information, the concept of simplicity seems long forgotten. This rings especially true when it comes to personal fitness. That being the case, many individuals wonder where to start on their fitness journey as they search the internet and converse with colleagues, only to become more confused by all the conflicting opinions and information.

Additionally, one of the biggest obstacles blocking people from getting to the gym is time. This is understandable as time is a finite resource, one that you can never get back once it’s gone. Most of us do not have the time to go to the gym for four to five days a week, spending two+ hours working out, plus the commute to and from.

In order to solve the problems of both information overload and finite time, I have created the Simple Method Lifting Program. Comprised of 3 weight lifting sessions per week, with each session being able to be completed in 1 hour, almost anybody can craft the body of a Roman sculpture.

With this lifting program, you will perform a full-body workout on the first and second sessions of the week, with the third session comprising of an upper-body dumbbell workout. Each session also contains its own simple, yet effective ab exercise to ensure a strong core.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, a parent, work a job with long shifts, or even a personal trainer who finds it hard to workout between training clients, this program is guaranteed to make you fitter, stronger, and improve your overall health.


-3 day a week lifting template

          -2 full-body workouts with accessory lifts and ab work

          -1 dumbbell workout with ab work

-5 sheet Excel template

-5 page PDF template with fillable sections

-Notes on how to progress as you improve your strength