For the last few years, the ketogenic diet, or “keto,” has been making headway in the media and fitness forums globally. With the emergence of new and often conflicting information and opinions, it can be difficult to start a process that you trust will work.

I have researched and implemented ketogenic principles for several years, and have the results which prove success. After being asked by dozens of individuals for advice on the ketogenic way of eating, I have written a simple, easy to understand, four-page guide.

The Simple Keto Guide makes implementing a ketogenic way of eating extremely easy for anyone. In this guide I have broken down keto into three separate phases which I walk you through so you can lose fat for the long-term.

My Story:

As a division one football player, I needed to be as big and strong as I could possibly be. However, after my football career ended, I knew that it would be unhealthy to continue on weighing 293 pounds. I had read about keto on bodybuilding forums in college, and had been intrigued. Once I finished playing football, I decided that I would start eating a ketogenic diet and try to obtain a lean, aesthetic physique. 

After doing my due diligence and putting together a plan, I implemented it and trusted it. The weight began to fall off. Inspired by the initial weight loss, I began researching more and more and continued to refine my way of eating. 

After one year of eating this way, I lost 92 pounds and looked the best that I ever had in my entire life. What was amazing was that I never felt that I was on a diet as I enjoyed all of the foods I was eating. People were amazed when I answered their questions as to what foods I ate.

After assisting several former teammates, friends, and colleagues in their weight loss goals, I have summarized this successful and proven method into a simple guide in order to help you too.