Everybody wants to be in great shape. For some that means shedding some fat. For others it means building muscle. And for many it includes both shedding fat and building muscle.

Whatever your goal may be, you should find a coach that has plenty of experience in achieving that goal themself. As a former football player and current fitness addict, I have trained for several different body types. I know what it takes to pack on mass and shred fat. The proof:

Achieving each body type requires a proper resistance training and nutrition plan. Each individual is different, and my twelve week one-on-one coaching program is built custom to the client. Throughout the course of the program, we will adjust the plan as necessary to ensure you are on the proper trajectory.

What You Get

Goals-Based Discovery Call: Over video or over the phone, we will have a goals-based discussion revolving around what you are trying to achieve (cut fat, add muscle, etc.). We will go over your training and nutrition history, what you are currently doing, problems you have run into, height and weight, and anything else that may be relevant to crafting a custom plan to fit your needs.

Customized Resistance Training Plan: A customized resistance training plan comprised of efficient and time-effective lifts and exercises that will stimulate your muscles properly to achieve your goals. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle, shed fat, or both, it is important that your muscles are properly stimulated to improve and or maintain strength. 


Nutrition Coaching: Nutrition coaching which will outline your calorie and macronutrient (protein, carbs, fat) goals and limits. This plan will be based on what we discussed in the discovery call, will include examples of a day’s worth of meals, how to properly track, and a list of recommended foods will also be provided.

*Nutrition plan can either be keto or non-keto based on your preference

Weekly 1:1 Video Call: We will check-in with each other on a weekly basis to discuss progress in the weight room and in the kitchen, as well as address any concerns that you may have. Specific metrics will be covered to make sure your progress is optimal.

*Can be done over the phone if you prefer

Plan Monitoring and Adjustments: Based on our weekly check-ins, I will be monitoring and making adjustments to your plan as necessary. Whether we need to make adjustments in the gym or in the kitchen, we will do as necessary to ensure you remain on the right track toward your goals.

Ready to improve your body, habits, and life, or want to discuss if this is right for you?