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  • Ajika: The Incredible Georgian Seasoning

    Ajika: The Incredible Georgian Seasoning

    Lately I’ve been adding ajika to several of my foods: eggs, steak, ground beef, ground turkey, liver, salmon, vegetables, etc. I post pictures of it on my social media, and am frequently asked, “What is ajika?” So, what is ajika? Ajika is a Georgian food product that comes in more than one form, most commonly a…

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  • The Big Five

    The Big Five

    Squat, bench press, row, overhead press, and deadlift. These are the “Big Five” lifts, compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. In addition to building muscle and strength, these lifts can also help to improve flexibility, cardiovascular health, coordination, and balance. Due to the effort expended on them, they also burn…

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