(Biceps, Abs, Traps, Triceps)

Sometimes you just want to get an extra lift in after you’ve finished your routine for the week. The problem? You don’t want to mess up your routine and not be properly recovered for the following week.

Sometimes you want to get a nice pump in before going out or hitting the beach, but not sure a quick session will really do much nor be a great use of your time.

And sometimes you just want to put some extra emphasis on the “pretty muscles”because let’s be honest, aesthetics matter.

Enter the BATT workout. A simple, time-efficient lift that hits the biceps, abs, traps, and triceps, and can be completed in less than 25 minutes. Designed to be effective and allow you to still be properly recovered going into the following week, it can be tacked on to the end of the your lifting program. 

Finished all your lifts by Saturday and want to get a little extra in on Sunday morning? Perfect. The BATT workout has got you covered. 

Desire a little pump to fill out your shirt a little more before going out, or want your muscles to look a little more inflated at the beach? The BATT workout does the job. 

Looking to grow those pretty muscles a little more to get that Greek statue aesthetic? The BATT workout grows those muscles.

Despite the fact that this workout can be completed in less than 25 minutes, I know some people may want to get in some extra reps and sets. For this reason, the BATT workout also includes optional sets and reps, as well as alternate and extra lifts so you can better customize the workout to your desires.

May the gains be with you, my friends. 💪🏻